ROCKEFELLER Rules the World

Ever since 1870, and with some evidence a litte earlier, ROCKEFELLER has chosen EVERY United States President in History!

John Davison Rockefeller, the 1st, was the RICHEST man in the world in the 1800s. That wealth has continued to grow and expand for over 150 years. Although the company "Standard Oil" was officially chartered in 1870, John Rockefeller had been in business for years before that.

David Rockefeller, grandson of John the 1st, surveys his Chase Manhattan Bank building located directly across the street from his father's Federal Reserve Bank of New York City. Two blocks north of Wall Street. A few blocks north of Standard Oil's former New York City headquarters at 26 Broadway, New York, NY 10005.

In the 1930s, John the 1st and his son John the 2nd would create Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan. Standard Oil and it's many subsidiaries would move some offices to Rockefeller Center in the 1950s. That same decade they were busy using the CIA to covertly overthrow foreign regimes to maintain control of the world's Oil.


  1. When Standard Oil was headquartered in Cleveland, OH, many US Presidents came from Ohio.

  2. When Standard Oil was headquartered in New York, NY, Rockefeller decided to make Theodore Roosevelt President.

  3. John Rockefeller the 1st and Nelson Aldrich met US President William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt on Aldrich's boat in 1901. Nelson Aldrich is the father-in-law of John Rockefeller the 2nd.

  4. It may have been because he was against a Central Bank for the United States, or other reasons, but on the boat ride, the banker/industrialists decided to get rid of McKinley, and install Teddy Roosevelt as US President.

  5. Theodore Roosevelt was a Police Officer from New York City. He became Police Chief, and then Governor of NY. He was the Vice-President when "the bankers and oilmen" decided to kill President McKinley in 1901.

  6. Theodore's grandson, Kermit, was the CIA Agent responsible for the unlawful overthrow of Iran's democratically-elected President Mohammed Mossadeq in 1953. He hired fake crowds to "riot in the streets". This gave the illusion of a "popular uprising", yet it was totally manufactured by the Oil companies to maintain control of this fuel resource. You see, they make money every time you put gas in your car. That's why they destroyed the cities and moved people to the suburbs in the 1940s and 1950s.